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Turn your bath time into a sensual and romantic experience!

Turn your bath time into a sensual experienceBathing together, in my opinion, is a very special occasion. The intimacy that you and your partner can share during this time, is almost unmatched by any other romantic moment. A romantic bath can ease away a stressful day, make a meaningful "I'm sorry" or an undoubtable "I love you.


There’s nothing like good lighting to make you feel sexy and candles are know to light just about anyone's romantic fire. So, the next time you are planning something special for your partner, or are feeling a bit distant with each other, run a romantic bath for two!

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Edible Undies by Elly Elly Nice

Edible Undies by Elly Elly NiceEdible undies are known as a classic gift to give a Bride-to-be on her bachelorettes party. It’s also known to be a romantic gift to keep your love life hot and spicy. These delectable little candies are really good to eat and so much more fun to wear. What can be more fun than when your girl- or boyfriend slips into a pair and allows you to eat your way to the highlight of your romantic evening?


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Create an atmosphere with candles

create an atmosphere with candlesThe bedroom is not only a place where you lay down your head to rest every night, but also a place where you and your partner can 'leg go'.  Men usually waits for the woman to open themselves up before anything can happen, but what they don't realize is that woman generally fear that they will be judged when they reveal their fantasies. Don't fall into this cycle!! It can draw a fine line between good sex and great sex!!


In a recent study taken among women ir revealed that  90% of them admit to having vivid sexual fantasies, but remain afraid of sharing them with their partners. 

So here a a few thips on what men can do to set the mood and bring out these fantasies? Read more to find out.

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