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Turn your bath time into a sensual and romantic experience!

Turn your bath time into a sensual experienceBathing together, in my opinion, is a very special occasion. The intimacy that you and your partner can share during this time, is almost unmatched by any other romantic moment. A romantic bath can ease away a stressful day, make a meaningful "I'm sorry" or an undoubtable "I love you.


There’s nothing like good lighting to make you feel sexy and candles are know to light just about anyone's romantic fire. So, the next time you are planning something special for your partner, or are feeling a bit distant with each other, run a romantic bath for two!


What will you need for a sensual bath experience

Make your bath time more luxurious and exciting! At Elly Elly Nice we offer everything from body butter, G-string, bath fizzers, massage bars, soap roses, and soy massage candles to body scrubs, lubricant, bath time kits and paper hampers, you are sure to find something that will excite you and your partner!

To find out what other special treats and gifts we have available, to find out more about us or for more tips and tricks for your relationship make sure to visit us online today!




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