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Edible Undies by Elly Elly Nice

Edible Undies by Elly Elly NiceEdible undies are known as a classic gift to give a Bride-to-be on her bachelorettes party. It’s also known to be a romantic gift to keep your love life hot and spicy. These delectable little candies are really good to eat and so much more fun to wear. What can be more fun than when your girl- or boyfriend slips into a pair and allows you to eat your way to the highlight of your romantic evening?


Where can I get a pair of Edible Undies?

Elly Elly Nice presents their edible undies. This is a kind of a sweet sheet that has the triangle in the front (adapted for the male as well)… With long strings on either side to tie in bows (1 size fits all)…It is strong enough to tie but melts in your mouth when licked. Get yours today and you might just see why this simple, inexpensive sweet delight is popular and fun. Yum, fun & freaky ;O)

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